Is Meditation Demonic? Why you shouldn’t hesitate to meditate

A man resembling Jesus Christ meditating with the holy spirit

Short Answer

No. There is nothing inherently demonic about meditation. The only form of meditation that could be considered demonic is practiced by those who intentionally invite demons into their practice.

Meditation can come in hundreds if not thousands of shapes and sizes. It can range anywhere from Christian meditation about God’s word to much darker meditative practices involving evil spirits.

While demonic meditation is rare even in new age practices, some people in secular society prefer this method on their spiritual path. However, most individuals who meditate in present day are practicing a more mindful and spiritual form.

A man on a rock practicing religious meditation

Can Mindfulness Meditation be Demonic?

It can be demonic in the same way that any daily activities can be demonic. If I went to the grocery store and intentionally allowed my demons to control my actions, then you could say that my grocery trip was demonic.

The truth is, meditation is an act of calming your thoughts to achieve a quiet mind. With a quiet and empty mind, you will be able to much more easily focus on your self and the world around you. If you choose to invite demons to your spiritual practice, then that is your prerogative.

There are several ways you can meditate that avoid any evil spirits, demonic possession, and any other forms of interruption. These include yoga, biblical meditation, and transcendental meditation among others. Meditation can even be as simple as taking a moment to rest. It is up to each individual what form is best for their spirituality.

A Christian old man meditating

The Opposite of Demonic Meditation: Christian Meditation

If you are concerned with demonic possession in the act of meditation, then you may consider a form of biblical meditation. Biblical meditation has been practiced in eastern religions as a way to seek enlightenment and recite the word of god. It can also be applied to Christianity, as the bible encourages Christians to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ. This is an act often done by Christians in silence, and can provide them a sense of mindfulness and strengthen their faith.

If you are a practicing Christian, you likely believe that God designed human beings to be in touch with the physical and spiritual worlds around them. While God expects us to follow all Christian values by practicing self control, you may believe that He gave us the ability to meditate as an outlet to find peace within ourselves when we sense evil spirits.

One of my best friends from college is a practicing Christian who meditates day and night. She believes that the bible tells us Christian meditation is effective in strengthening the human faith, body, and spirit. Even though there are new age practices that may involve demons, her meditation is focused on her favorite scripture, the holy spirit, and Lord Jesus Christ.

A man doing yoga on a rock in a creek

Yoga as Spiritual Meditation

Yoga is a practice with origins stemming from eastern meditation practices. Yoga is a viable option if you are practicing meditative prayer, or just traditional meditation. If you feel like you have an unclean spirit and you want to incorporate your body into your meditation, then it could work for you.

This form of meditation involves stretching and exercising, and can be done in silence or with background noise. It is not often thought of as a practice done by Christians, but it is still highly spiritual.

If you practice meditative prayer and want to use the body God gave you to seek enlightenment on Christian practices, consider Yoga. This is a new age practice that I could see increasing in popularity over the next few years.

You should try yoga during both the day and night, as sometimes people feel it works best for them at one time or another.

An eastern man meditating near religious effigies.

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama helped to make meditation popular as a means to improve his own spirit so he could advocate for world peace. Ask yourself, if the Dalai Lama practices meditation, do you think it is demonic?

A man balancing on a rock near a lake.

Guided Meditation

This form of meditation is for those who prefer help in their meditation. Instead of silence, this meditation is done in person with a guide, or to a pre-recorded guide.

This is another great way to combat demonic possession or evil during your meditation practice. Meditation guides who you trust will keep your mind from wandering to evil. If your focus is to improve your relationship with God’s word through meditation, let your guide know. They will be sure to keep you focused on the word of Jesus Christ.

Even if you aren’t incorporating the word of God into your practice, an experienced guide that you trust is sure to assist on your spiritual path.

An old Christian man with a beard.

Is Contemplative Prayer Meditation?

If you are a Christian and you already practice contemplative prayer, then news flash: You are basically already meditating. Meditation is a very broad topic, and if something brings you peace, it can be considered a form of meditation. There were even things Jesus Christ himself did that can be considered meditation.

It is easy to see why some Christians decide that meditation is evil. They see some spiritual people who they have disdain for practicing it, and don’t want any part of it. There are two reasons they are wrong for this.

  1. The spiritual people practicing meditation are almost never demonic

  2. They probably already practice meditation in their life without realizing it

Meditation can be thought of as being in touch with one’s self, and doesn’t need to be viewed as evil. Christian’s one true God isn’t going to let a new age movement get in the way of eternal life for his followers.

A man meditating near a creek

Holy Spirit and Meditation

“If I’m Christian, does my meditation have to include God?” Absolutely not! If prayer is what makes you feel better in life, then by all means use it as your meditation.

Let’s be honest, though. Sometimes life gets tough and we need to do something for ourselves that isn’t praying. Your meditation can be this for you! A quick meditation session that doesn’t involve God can still help you on your spiritual journey.

Start your morning off with a morning prayer and meditation session right after for a powerful and productive day! Include some self care items and you will be feeling glorious in no time.

A dark man meditating with red energy behind him.

How to Spot Demonic New Age Movements

The key here is to trust your gut. If a meditation doesn’t feel right to you, just don’t practice it.

Remember, just because something doesn’t revolve around the holy spirit doesn’t mean it’s demonic.

If you think you stumbled upon a demonic practice, and you do not want to participate, then distance yourself from that practice. If you run into somebody who enjoys a so called “demonic” practice, you can respect your differences and move on

A Christian woman meditating.

A Final Word

If your fear of demonic meditation practices is rooted in religion, you have no need to worry. Christians already do meditations that improve their faith, inner-peace, and their relationship with God.

Meditation is even mentioned in the old testament as something Christians can do to please the lord. It is not solely reserved for “hippies” who are on their spiritual journey.

Remember, the most important person on your spiritual journey is you, so be sure to do what makes yourself happy.

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