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When MetaSpirituals launched in 2023, the founder Josef Agiloh wanted to create a rich resource for those beginning their spiritual journey. He wanted to create something he longed for himself when he took his first steps towards spirituality. “In late 2022 I landed a software engineering job at a prominent SaaS company which I had dreamt about since I began college. A couple months in, I realized that my soul was not getting the nourishment it desired. I was staring at a computer screen, alone in my office all day. But when I finally took the leap of faith and began exploring my spirituality I didn’t know where to turn.” When beginning his spiritual journey, Agiloh saw that the niche was plagued with false information, charlatans, and imposters.

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By approaching spirituality through a fresh lens, Agiloh and his cofounders aim to instill confidence in those just starting . The MetaSpirituals Team recognizes that spirituality comes in many shapes and sizes. No two people’s spiritual journeys are the same. The goal of Agiloh and MetaSpirituals is never to be prescriptive. MetaSpirituals looks to guide individuals from 0 to 1 in their spiritual journey, while avoiding some common pitfalls along the way (i.e. predatory charlatans, con artists, etc.).

Spirituality is largely introspective. Many individuals (especially younger folks getting into the space) turn to the world wide web for guidance and a sense of community. There are hundreds of great resources out there, however there are also hundreds of malicious resources who provide false readings and empty promises. In some cases, members of the community may flat out scam you. The MetaSpirituals Team routinely publishes high quality, concise articles about the hottest trending topics within spirituality. In a growing space filled with uncertainty, we strive to be your North Star.

Meet Our Team

Josef Agiloh

Josef founded MetaSpirituals in 2023. He was previously employed as a software engineer before his spiritual journey began. He oversees all articles and business decisions for MetaSpirituals.

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Rebekkah Waterbury
director of spiritual content

Rebekkah was the first writer welcomed onto MetaSpirituals in 2023. Rebekkah was a yoga instructor before becoming a freelance Reiki Practitioner.

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Sanaa Ahmed
director of spiritual content

Sanaa is a freelance writer and has a strong academic background in Comparative Religion and Cultural Studies. She has recently visited India, Tibet, and the Amazon rainforest.

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Liam Sullivan
director of spiritual content

Liam joined MetaSpirituals in August of 2023, having previously been employed in the service industry. Liam's writing focus is on his personal spiritual experiences.

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