5 Best Self Care Gifts for the Holidays (Mindfulness Edition)

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Last year near the holidays, I spent $1250 on a massage chair for my fiancé that looked absolutely flawless in the showroom. About 2 months after purchasing, the leather started ripping up at the seams, and I was 2 days over the deadline to get a refund.

That was the moment I realized that there aren’t enough honest reviews out there about where to start when buying – not only a massage chair – but ANY self care gifts on the market. I decided to take things into my own hands and try out all of the top-selling self care items on the market to find out which ones were actually worth spending money on.

The overall best self care gift on the market in 2023 is the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat .

What are the best self care gifts on the market in 2023?

  1. Infrared PEMF Go Mat – Editor’s Choice

  2. Weighted Pillow – Best for Improved Sleep

  3. Luxury Massage Chairs – Best Luxury Self Care Gift

  4. Electrically Grounded Yoga Mat – Most Mindful Yoga Accessory

  5. Bonus! – Digital Gift – DeclutterTheMind – Best Digital Meditation Tool

#1. Infrared PEMF Go Mat

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PEMF Infrared Go Mat

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Perfect for relief and recovery on the go

  • Pro: Sets up perfectly on an office chair/furniture

  • Pro: A work from home necessity

  • Con: Premium price point

  • Con: Included cover could be a better fit

Our experience with the Infrared PEMF Go Mat

We’ll be honest, this Infrared PEMF Go Mat took the cake for us for this year’s self care gifts. This product blew my socks off, and I noticed a difference right away after I started using it. Call it placebo, or whatever you want, but I set it up on my office chair and I could feel the stress of the workday melt away.

I am a pretty mindful person, so maybe the average person wouldn’t feel any different, but I felt that it made a noticeable difference after just a few moments. I usually start to feel some tightness and fatigue in my upper back after sitting all day when the clock hits around 2-3 pm. With the Infrared PEMF Go Mat I was able to last all day, so it definitely boosted my productivity.

I bought the cover that goes with the mat to keep it nice, but I wasn’t too thrilled with how the cover fit. I felt like for the extra money you pay for the cover, it could’ve been a more premium fit. This doesn’t affect how the mat itself works, though.

I also tossed the mat under my bed sheet at night, and I felt like I did get a bit better sleep. I felt that once my head hit the pillow, I was able to relax quicker and sleep through the night.

Now, the mat does have a premium price point, but it is such a great tool and I found so many use cases for it in my daily life with the Go Mat. In my experience, this mat lowered stress and anxiety, helped me relax a little deeper, and increased my focus. I can’t wait to see the other benefits that it will introduce over time!

#2. QM Weighted Pillow

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Quiet Mind Quality Weighted Pillow

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Provides a deep sense of comfort and soothes the senses

  • Pro: Great alternative to a weighted blanket

  • Pro: Super soft and high quality

  • Con: Can be a bit awkward and cumbersome

  • Con: Not very conducive for travel

Our experience with the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

First of all, I was blown away by the packaging of this pillow. I’m not sure the last time I unboxed a pillow and being so satisfied. It definitely helps to set the mood for the purpose of the pillow.

I am definitely a larger-sized individual, so I went with the largest size pillow that was in stock. This pillow weighs 12 pounds, but it felt so much heavier than that. Probably because it’s just such a contrast from my regular pillow.

This pillow definitely gets the most bang-for-its-buck when it is held tightly to the body. If you simply lay your head on it like a regular pillow, it kind of defeats the purpose of it being weighted (though it’s still comfortable).

I recommend to use it as a tool for when you are looking for some relaxation and extra peace when laying in bed at night. Something about the weight gives you a sense of security while holding onto it. Get in a comfortable position, and just let it sit near the core of your body and enjoy its presence. It’s super helpful in situations where if you are used to sleeping with a pet or person, but you’re away traveling or something similar.

It definitely made me feel more calm within seconds. My chief complaint is that if you are already sitting down and try to pick it up, it can be a bit awkward to handle, with the weight and all. Perhaps a handle on it or something like that could help, or maybe I should’ve ordered a smaller size. Overall, we loved this product.

#3. BodyHealthTec Luxury Massage Chair

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luxury massage chair bodyhealthtec

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Very stylish for a massage chair

  • Pro: Luxury massage with customization options

  • Pro: Comes with wheels so its easy to move once assembled

  • Con: Very large

  • Con: Will need help to move once its delivered

Our experience with BodyHealthTec Massage Chairs

First off, this massage chair is absolutely stunning. The details in the leather are so intricate, and it has a modern vibe to the appearance. It almost looks like the command center of a futuristic rocket ship. The appearance is visually appealing, so you almost forget how large the chair itself actually is.

That said, you will probably need to have a dedicated space to get the most out of this chair. It is awesome to have a premium massage chair in my own home, but I’m glad I have extra space for it because it’s not exactly space efficient.

Once I actually sat in the chair, the stress from my body melted away. The chair comes equipped with speakers which you can use for white noise or calming music during your sessions. The chair has definitely enhanced my mindfulness practice, as it allows me to completely relax my body either before or after my meditation session.

Now, obviously the price point is not cheap for a massage chair of this caliber. This chair will make the perfect gift for someone in your life who need to reduce stress, and has the space to put it. Even though there is a luxury price point, you won’t get more bang for your buck elsewhere.

BodyHealthTec offers payment plans so you don’t need to drop a huge wad of cash when you invest in this chair. I can guarantee the American Luxe Zero Gravity chair will calm your anxiety and allow you to maximize your relaxation time. You won’t find a higher quality chair elsewhere.

#4. Electrically Grounded Yoga Mat

Check Current Price | Most Mindful Yoga Accessory🏅

Earthing Grounding Yoga Mat

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Get a sense of being grounded during a yoga routine

  • Pro: Supple leather feeling

  • Pro: Very easy to clean

  • Con: Kind of heavy for a yoga mat

  • Con: Can attract dust

Our experience with Earthing Mats

Say what you want about earthing, but I’m a huge believer. After all, it makes sense scientifically. We as humans are charged creatures, so we need to ground ourselves to keep ourselves balanced.

Out of the box, I immediately noticed the quality of this mat. I had tried grounding mats before from Amazon, and while they may use the same technology, the craftsmanship on this one was so much better. It definitely inspired me to get after some yoga, and I felt that during my sessions I was just so much more connected with the Earth and higher frequencies.

When doing yoga and meditating on this mat, I personally felt like I was able to maintain a strong sense of mindfulness. I even put it under my feet at night when I sleep so I can reap the benefits of being grounded through the night.

It is a bit heavy and awkward to move around, and can attract a fair amount of dust if you are in a dusty area. But it is easy to clean and roll up, so as long as you have a yoga bag with a pocket for a yoga mat, you should be in business. This is our number one yoga mat product of the year bar none.

#5. Declutter Your Mind with Meditation App

Check Current Price | Best Digital Meditation Tool🏅

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Meditation for any mood/vibe

  • Pro: Reminders to practice mindfulness

  • Pro: Great UI, and meditation on the go

  • Con: Requires internet connection

Our experience with DeclutterTheMind

DeclutterTheMind has everything you could ever ask for in a meditation app. No matter how I am feeling, whether it’s calm or completely panicked, I know I can log on and there’s a meditation for me. Most of the meditations are around 5 minutes, so I can easily work them into my day.

The SOS category has come in handy for me more than once, when I feel like my world is ending (news flash, it never is) and need something to calm my nerves. I also love doing the courses and being able to track my meditation progress.

They also offer a program that allows you to integrate their app within a workplace, which I wish my job did. Online meditation tools are becoming more and more prevalent, and DeclutterTheMind has everything you could ever imagine to enhance your meditation and find your zen.

Meaningful Self Care Gifts for Everyday Life

You might be thinking that some of the items on this list are unnecessary. And you’re absolutely right. But so often we neglect to take care of ourselves. Whether you’re looking at these items as a gift for yourself or someone else, just know you are giving the gift of mindfulness, relaxation, and stress relief to those who matter most.

Whether your version of self care is a skin care routine, turning on your essential oil diffuser, or just taking a few minutes to meditate, self care is an important practice that is too often neglected. I know a lot of times my mind wanders to some dark places, and I am constantly reminding myself the importance of self love. So whether it’s for the holidays or just because, getting someone you love any one of these gifts is sure to bring peace and comfort to their life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the perfect self care gift?

The truth is, no self-care item is gonna be perfect. But, having tried all these items out myself, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with any of these gifts. We only feature products with the highest quality and that come with guarantees or your money back. Just choose whichever gift feels right to you. Each one of these gifts can increase mindfulness and lower stress in their own ways, so purchase with confidence!

Can these gifts lower blood pressure and heart rate?

Absolutely they can! It may sound crazy, but each of these gifts made the list because of their relaxing properties. Relaxation can lower stress and anxiety, both of which can directly spike blood pressure and heart rate. Spending just a few minutes a day with any of these gifts can compound over time, improving your health, mood, and the quality of everyday life.

Are these items safe for pets?

At MetaSpirituals, we absolutely adore our furry friends. These gifts were all chosen with pets in mind. You can purchase any one of the items on this list with confidence that you, your self care item, and your furbaby can all coexist in peace.

How We Rate Self Care Gifts

We looked at three main factors when hand picking these items:

  • Utility

  • Durability

  • Price


This factor is a measure of how useful an item is. For me, this corresponds with how much daily use will you get out of the item. There are some cool self care gifts out there, but if I am only able to use it every once in a blue moon, why would I want to spend my money on it? These items were hand picked because they can be used every day, several times a day.


This is the quality of the items that made the list. We personally tried out dozens of items before making the list, and let me tell you, there were several we omitted off of quality alone. As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, there’s nothing worse than buying something and when the quality breaks down, it’s too late to do anything. We can guarantee that won’t happen with any of these items.


We chose these items because we believe that the price point on them is fair. They may not be the cheapest items on the market, but for what you are getting with the other two factors (utility and durability), we believe that the price on these items is well worth it.

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